While COVID is savagely rampaging our planet, the rest of us are contracting a far more promising ailment …

Acute Imposed Introvertitis (A.I.I.)

Take a deep breath. Widen your view. And perhaps you can agree with some of what I see. While the picture is intense, it’s not entirely negative. Indeed, there are some outright positive shoots already sprouting from this. Allow for a second that this situation is prodding us as a species into a spiritual evolution. To a place that feels like a true soul home.

We are evolving step-by-step — echoing the movement of Kundalini as it rises up our energy centers.

Yes, A.I.I. has every potential to drive us bonkers. But look instead … At the flood of Facebook clips with families happily drawing peacocks on their bedroom walls. At the folks making stunning earth mandalas among the flowering trees in their own backyards And is it just me or is every home cook now competing for Michelin’s stars?

It’s comforting to see that we are already becoming more evolved than we were at the start of this.

It’s as if we are starting to transcend the Root Chakra’s need for basic survival (and all that toilet paper angst). And now we’re climbing up to our Sacral Chakra’s creative pursuits. What’s next?

Let me come back to A.I.I. At the onset of the virus we were galloping so fast, it was forcing our poor planet Earth to rotate faster around its axis just to keep up with us. You know that feeling when you open your eyes in the morning … and in the next blink it’s already dark outside? That’s the Earth spinning faster. And while we humans worked on speeding up even more, our escalating inner and outer marathon suddenly came to a screeching halt. So now in the confines of our own homes and bodies, we began to wake up. To think. To feel. And to wonder …

Do I really want to return to the Old Normal? Or is there a better New Normal waiting for me?

Thus we become independent and powerful. And we write the rest of our story together. Let your imagination run wild with your version. As to mine, some souls will return home as they’re called forth to the next phase of their personal evolution.

The rest of us who stay will go through welcome overhaul: The upgraded Humanity 2.0 that we truly want now.

And we know how to ask for that. Wait, erase that. Now we know how to live it. And thus arrives our creative, compassionate, empowered new identity. Hmmm. Identity is the realm of our 3rd energy center, the Solar Plexus Chakra. And another step up in spiritual evolution.

If the flow of evolution continues this way, we are well on our way to the very center of our being: The great Heart Chakra. Imagine what it’s going to feel like living among people who know who they are — and are centered in their hearts? Not such a bad prospect, eh?

In epilogue, I hope you’ll take this in … Fear not, my friend. No one will go before their time. Not a minute earlier than they’re meant to.