In Part I, you discovered the far-reaching effect of doubts on you craniosacral practice and fulfillment of your dharma. Now we get to the really juicy PRACTICAL part. There I take you through the ancient Buddhist energetic practices of dissolving these doubts and potentizing your beloved practice. So that it becomes a true reflection of your spirit.

Imagine using your existing craniosacral skills of attunement to the tide so that you orient your practice to Health.

Use ancient Tibettan Buddhist practice so potent it was used to heal pandemics(!).

These practices have an instant effect to your practice. Whenever I do them, within 24 hrs I get an email from a new client interested in my work, a student signing into a course, or a creative inspiration for a new workshop or other offering that I follow through on without any fear or doubt. It often guides me into a new direction in my practice. I also get insights about what is limiting my practice at that moment and how to overcome that.

There is clarity, courage, and follow-through.

This is a 2.5-hr workshop that will bring you to an embodied sense of being doubtless, supported and inspired about your practice. Diagnose where your work holds inertia. And clear the energetic path for your new and existing clients to flow to you. It’s time to dissolve the cloud of doubts about your life’s work, so that you light up in this clarity to your soul-mate clients.

Fee: $49