If you consider yourself a craniosacral therapist, it’s likely a spiritual calling. Yet do you spend your time wondering if what you do makes a “real” difference for clients? After all, you are not cracking any bones or administering injections.

Do you ask yourself what is my calling really worth if I struggle to build a full practice that sustains my life?

And if it’s really the Tide that does all the work, what is your job then?

Behold my dearest colleague as these are all different flavors of Doubt. Doubt is a form of conditioning and ego. It is a silent saboteur of your craniosacral practice. Not just in an obvious psychological way. Its insidious x-ray can penetrate the field of your practice with an energetic message to the Creator of your gift that it’s not appreciated or wanted. Guess what happens when we doubt the authenticity of the gift we either see its inverted side or it’s simply taken away from us.

Would you like to find out how doubts affect your work, and how you can dissolve them so that you can step into the practice that’s been waiting to be received by you, as designed by the Tide?

Join me in this workshop on re-igniting the life-force of your practice. You’ll get to see and experience it in a form that you haven’t yet. You’ll be amazed by how you can use your existing craniosacral skills to inspire new life into it.

In it I will be speaking the language of craniosacral biodynamics, non-duality, yoga, and soul perspective to help you see how you might be holding yourself back from fulfilling your life’s work and how to re-ignite the fire and passion behind it so that your practice becomes a full expression of your spirit. You are in for practical exercises, meditation, reflections through writing, and Magic.

Pre-requisite: Biodynamic Foundation Training, solid palpation skills of the Tide, and preferably touch-free/distance Tidal perception.

Please bring an open mind, playful attitude and pen/paper.