In the recent experience of giving sessions, the way the Tide responds to the client’s intention feels like a true gift. Intentions have creative power, and the Tide honors them. We as therapists can then simply sit back and observe the artistry of the Tide’s answer.

Craniosacral sessions carry a great healing gift from the Tide. As with any gift, once it’s given, it wants to be fully received and absorbed by the receiver. Have you ever given someone a gift just to see it only halfheartedly received or even fully rejected?

To receive a gift one needs openness, time and space.

Touch-free sessions give our clients the luxury to stay in their field and integrate the session at their own pace. Here is another invaluable benefit of this precious after-session tie: the absorption of the great healing offered by the Tide during the session.

A bit like shavanasana at the end of a yoga asana practice. This final pose is easily the main point of the while practice. To me, the silence after a cranio session is an integral part of the session itself. In this silence the the transformation of the session is truly absorbed.

This time is available to our clients only in distance sessions, when they don’t have to rush off our table and make space for the next person. Yet another reason why touch-free sessions yield such powerful results.