Becoming a therapist or a healer is hardly ever a choice. . Stepping into this noble and difficult role is not for the faint of hearts. So rest in knowing that if you are in it, you were summoned by the greater Intelligence. Because it’s your DHARMA.

And for what you were karmically designed to create in this lifetime you get Support. What a relief to know that you don’t have to do all on your own. And that most of the work is done for you. Much more than you think. Meanwhile, while that is unfolding at its own natural pace…What’s there for you to DO? There are some simple “doings” that you can undertake to facilitate this non-doing.

Here is something to try on for size. Simply intent to remove the energy of trying from sessions. So that you can free up the relational field from the trying’s contracting effect. And observe what gets revealed when the Tide no longer contends with your efforts. No matter how well-meaning they are.

There is an ocean of difference between intending and trying.

Trying narrows the field into not only what we think the results should be, but also HOW they are accomplished. In the end we leave to little space for the Tide to bring forth its response to the client’s intention. The incessant trying to “settle” the client, “ground” her, “remove” something from her. As if it’s our doings and skills that make it happen.

Intent, on the other hand, involves one’s full embodiment in its manifestation. And Trust in the final result no matter how unexpected it is. Then you can observe the Tide’s artistry in responding to the client’s intention. And the blend of your intuition and sophistication in interpreting this response. So when the relational field is free of the therapist’s struggle with herself, the client’s mirror neurons learn from this transmission of your beautifully-contagious example.

And your sessions become an act of darshan.

To facilitate we can simply remember that each of us came onto this plane with a unique brilliance. Those core soul qualities that we inherently carry. Without needing to create them or work at them. Having observed and received multiple sessions from students, I had the privilege to observe all these different flavors of Health. Non-judgment, nurture, support, resilience… Each one drawing a possibility open the deepest of client transformations.

Polishing the glow of this unique brilliance involves removing that what dims it. For most of us, it’s in the doubt that who we are is enough. This usually triggers a cascade of subtle interferences with the Tide such as the need the feel more when we work. This need is usually perceived as an energetic demand by the client.

So here we are, instead of supporting the Tide’s natural flow, we observe its response to our demand to produce something we can palpably feel and name. Thereby reducing the session to the limits of our perception and interpretation. I contend that it’s not only unnecessary, but actually alters the session outcome in an unpredictable way.

The great Maura Sills frequently says that the therapist is the greatest limitation to the client’s transformation. I invite you to explore your unique brilliance, the core soul qualities that you embody. So that in your next session you can simply “sit in a chair” next to your client and transmit who you are. And let that be enough.

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